High Route - 6th stage

Marinelli Bombardieri refuge hut - Bignami refuge hut

Best time to visit Summer
Gradient 250 metres
500 metres
Distance 5 km - 8 km var.
Walk time 3 h
Marinelli Bombardieri refuge hut
Bignami refuge hut


Marinelli Bombardieri refuge Hut 2,813 m - Bocchetta di Caspoggio 2,983 m - Fellaria 2,401 m - Bignami Refuge Hut 2,385 m

This is the shortest stage, which crosses the highest pass of the entire High Route: Bocchetta di Caspoggio at almost 3,000 m. From here you can breathe the mountain air of the highest peaks in the group, which can be clearly seen from the pass. As the Caspoggio glacier has receded, it may be quite difficult to cross this stretch. You are strongly advised to use a pickaxe and crampons or, if you have no experience of crossing a glacier, ask to be accompanied by a mountain guide. The easier alternative is to cross the Forcella di Fellaria 2,819 m (variation), which avoids stretches of the glacier and takes you down to the Carate refuge hut, where you'll join the alternative route. You can also choose to walk the "high" alternative route mainly on the glacier, through the eastern Marinelli pass 3,090 m, which requires special equipment and specific Alpine mountaineering experience. Once past the glacier stretch, the route descends to the little Lake Fellaria. From here, you soon reach the mountain pastures of the same name. This is one of the highest pastures in the valley still in use.