The white gold of Valmalenco

"The Bagnada Mine. The white gold of the Valmalenco" is the video, which tells the story of how the idea to transform an ancient, disused mine into a museum began. The museum seeks first and foremost to be the custodian of memory, to promote the history and unusual features of the extraction activities, which were the very essence of the area of Val Lanterna in the Municipality of Lanzada. Former quarrymen are the eye witnesses, who have brought to light the forgotten stories and, together with the contribution of the guides, who accompany today's vistors inside the mine, are the tool to help us discover the geology and procedures, which produce the material.

The video was made by Lorenzo Faggi, under the direction of Flavio Nani. With the participation of the CAI Choir Valmalenco.

The video