The association

The Association of the Ecomuseum of the Valmalenco (a not-for-profit public association of unlimited duration) was set up by the Union of the Lombardy Muncipalities of the Valmalenco and by the municipalities of Torre di S. Maria and Spriana, to guarantee the optimum functional organisation of the Ecomuseum.

The Association is founded on the principle of using and conserving the territory to good advantage.
The Association consists of 5 founding members (the mayors of the five municipalities of the Valmalenco) and membership is open to any organisation, association or individual who wishes to take part.

The Association is regulated by its Articles of Association approved on 31 July 2012.
In compliance with the regional regulations for Ecomuseums (Regional Law No. 13 of 12 July 2007, “Recognition of ecomuseums to make good use of local culture and traditions for environmental, landscape, cultural, tourist and economic purposes”), the Association has also approved its Regulations which govern the procedures of operations, management and programming of the Ecomuseum.