Monte Scerscen (3971)

Scerscen (on the left) and Bernina (on the right) seen from the Sasso Nero mountain.

This is the central peak of one of the most famous, high altitude traverses of the Alps, the Roseg-Scerscen-Bernina. Whereas the southern slope, visible from the Valmalenco, is mainly rocky and was also once called the Red Mountain of Scerscen for its red walls, the north wall is, on the contrary, completely ice-bound.

Great Ascents

  • First traverse Scerscen-Bernina E. Y. Garwood, B. Wainewright, Martin Schocher, Christian Schnitzler 1866
  • First winter traverse Roseg-Scerscen-Bernina Pietro Ghetti, Franco Gugiatti, Antonio Forni, Carlo Pedroni 25-26-27-28 December 1970