Piz Palù (3823 m, 3906 m, 3881 m)

View of the Piz Palù range.

Piz Palù is one of the most famous mountains in the Bernina Group. Its fame is due to its imposing, majestic, snow and glacier-clad massif and to its appearance centre stage in numerous films. Piz Palù actually has three different summits: the western peak (3,823 m), the central or main peak, which is the highest (3,906 m), and the eastern peak (3,881 m).

Great Ascents

  • Central Pizzo Palù 3,906 m Central south and west variant “Via Italiana” Damiano Marinelli, H. Grass and J. Grass 19 August 1880
  • Western Pizzo Palù 3,823 m North-west wall “Via Corti” Plinio and Nello Corti with Isacco dell’Avo 2 August 1939