Valmalenco: The great book of stone

Together with the Ortles Cevedale, the Valmalenco is the largest basin in the province of Sondrio (300 km²). It measures approximately 23 km from north to south and approximately 22 km from east to west.

Its threshold overlooks the valley of the River Adda and clearly faces north in the central area, whereas the end widens considerably to the east and west.

The Valmalenco is narrow at first and then widens further up until it reaches the three main groups of mountains, culminating to the west in Mount Disgrazia (3,678 m), to the north in Pizzo Bernina (4,050 m) and to the west in Pizzo Scalino (3,323 m).

The mountain range Bernina-Disgrazia-Scalino is one of the main groups in the Alps.

Bernina stands at 4,050 m and is the highest peak in the central Alps and the last four-thousander as you proceed from west to east.

The main feature of the group is the considerable size of the glaciers which, even today, influences the type of the largest alpine ascents.