Piz Roseg (3937 m)

Roseg seen from Sasso Nero.

As famous as the other great peaks of the Bernina Range, it was often considered the most fascinating and most attractive from a mountaineering viewpoint. Like the other great mountains in the Group, it consists of three peaks: Little Roseg (3,868 m), the anti-peak (3,920 m) and the Shoulder (3598 m).

The famous Canalone Marinelli, which separates Little Roseg from the real Summit with its snowy path, rises up the south wall.

Great Ascents

  • First ascent W. Moore, Horace Walker with Jacob Anderegg 28 July 1865
  • South Wall “Canale Marinelli” Damiano Marinelli, Hans Grass, Battista Pedranzini 14 July 1881
  • First winter ascent Mrs Aubrey Le Blond-Main with J. Colani, E. Cupelin, Martin Schocher 11 January 1884
  • First Winter Traverse Roseg-Scerscen-Bernina Pietro Ghetti, Franco Gugiatti, Antonio Forni, Carlo Pedroni 25-26-27-28 December 1970