High Route - 4th stage

Chiareggio - Longoni refuge hut - Sasso Nero - Palù refuge hut

Best time to visit Summer
Gradient 1,000 metres
1,400 metres
Distance 13 km
Walk time 6.30 h
Longoni refuge hut
Palù refuge hut


Chiareggio 1,600 m - Longoni refuge hut 2,450 m - Sasso Nero 2,304 m - Palù refuge hut 1,950 m

This stage takes you from the Chiareggio valley to the pleasant basin of Lake Palù, across the pastures on the slopes of Fora to the panoramic balcony of the Longoni refuge hut and the screes of Sasso Nero. You can break up and/or modify the route by staying overnight at the Longoni refuge hut and then continuing along the original route (high route), or you can take an alternative path across the Forcella d'Entova to the Marinelli refuge hut. From Sasso Nero (no longer in use) through a dwarf pine wood with beautiful views, you descend the valley of Roggione, followed by a brief walk to the Palù refuge hut.