Botanical trail in Valmalenco

Best time to visit Summer
Gradient 320 metres
0 metres
Distance 4.5 km
Walk time 2 h
Barchi Refuge Hut
Palù Refuge Hut


Pleasant itinerary suitable for everyone through the Alpine pastures above San Giuseppe and Lake Palù. It consists of a basic ring, marked by a stylised red flower symbol. There are 3 variations: two of them allow you to shorten the trail to give a less steep route, the third extends above the basic route. The longer the route, the greater the possibility of seeing different aspects of the natural environment in the area, offering numerous points of interest.
The shorter variations are marked either with a blue symbol for a slighly shorter route, or with a white symbol showing the shortest route. The long variation is marked in yellow and follows a trail around Lake Palù.