High Route - 5th stage alternative

Musella - Val di Scerscen - Marinelli refuge hut

Best period to visit Summer
Gradient 1,400 metres
600 metres
Distance 10 km
Walk time 5 h
Mitta and Musella refuge huts
Marinelli refuge hut


Musella - Mitta and Musella refuge huts 2,021 m - Vallone di Scerscen - Marinelli refuge hut 2,813 m

Starting from the Musella refuge huts you can reach the Marinelli hut via an alternative route running across the entire Valle di Scerscen. The first stretch loses height slightly until it reaches the entrance to the true valley, where it goes up and down between rough serpentinite walls as far as the former asbestos mine. Cross the rushing stream (bridge) and continue along the opposite side, as far as the deposits of the ancient Scerscen Alp. From here, continue to the glacier-abraded peaks, where you'll find the cemetery of the Alpine troops (here it joins the main route of the Forcella d'Entova variation). The route does not include a visit to the cemetery, so continue along the valley until you reach the first of the glacier streams. At this point, the route meets the track from the karst area. The path now continues amidst wide screes with few plants. It crosses three more bridges, before reaching a long, morainal ridge leading to a higher terrace, where we cross two more streams to quickly arrive at the refuge hut.