The Rusca trail

The route followed by the archpriest on his forced journey towards martyrdom, along the road known for centuries as the “Cavallera” road, has recently been partly restored by the Valtellina Mountain Community Group of Sondrio.

The Valley of the Muretto pass, the Italian side.

The ancient road is now more commonly known as the Rusca Path and is considered part of the collective heritage to be protected. This intervention aimed to raise awareness of and enhance a piece of our heritage of great historic and cultural importance, for it to be used by tourists and walkers alike.

This interesting itinerary stretches over approximately 32 km. It begins in Sondrio, from via Nicolò Rusca next to the Collegiate church, and winds throughout the entire Valmalenco, until it reaches the Muretto pass on the border with Switzerland with an overall gradient of 2,200 m. This is a cycle and pedestrian path, which can be followed in one or two stages, and is well linked with numerous paths and treks already present in the Valmalenco.

There are well-equipped leisure areas along the way. It is well-marked with clear signs throughout, including illustrative and descriptive waymarker boards and fingerposts to direct visitors and walkers, with indications of times, distances and occasionally giving a brief history and geomorphological information of the area.

Information Board.
Waymarker at Caròt.