The parish church of St. Gottardo

The date of the construction of the parish church of San Gottardo, situated at the entrance to Spriana, is uncertain, although it is certainly around the second half of the fifteenth century. A document of 1489 gives evidence of its existence as Ecclesiae Sancti Gotardi et Donati de Spriana. After the autonomous parish had been set up (1624), the church underwent complete restoration in 1625 and was then re-consecrated in 1668. It was then enlarged several times in 1797 and 1893. Although the Baroque style façade is dated 1818, it was rebuilt in the twentieth century. The bell tower to the north of the church was built according to a project by the engineer, Enrico Vitali of Sondrio, Giacomo Nana, known as Giacumèl, of Lanzada and by bricklayers from the Dioli family from Caspoggio, to which the artist and sculptorErminio Dioli also belonged.


The church interior has only a single nave with two side chapels. The artist, Luigi Tagliaferri, painted the nave vault with frescoes with two large medallions depicting the Virgin of the Assumption and the Ostensory supported by angels in flight and four circles with the Evangelists. By the same artist is the Glory of San Gottardoand the Holy Trinity in the dome of the presbytery. On the south wall is a canvas with the Madonna and Child surrounded by 17th century medallions depicting the Mysteries of the Rosary.

There is a painting on wood on the back wall with the Madonna on the throne and the Child that blesses, saints Gottardo and Donato and St. Rocco on his knees, dated 1533 and attributed to Fermo Stella.

The sacristy houses two wonderful, 18th century, carved wood chests, reliquiaries also in carved wood (18th century) and four others in the shape of a wooden chest engraved with ebony, ivory and mother of pearl, a silver monstrance in the form of a sunburst and a cast silver goblet calice, all dating back to the eighteenth century.


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