St. Emilia a Sasso

The little church was built, thanks to the initiative of Giuseppe Sampietro, for the customers and staff of the prestigious Grand Hotel Malenco, in memory of his first deceased wife, Emilia, and dedicated to the saint of the same name, martyred on 2 June in the year 177 in Lyon under the emperor Marcus Aurelius.
Designer of the building and author of the paintings, engravings and decorations was the artist and maestro Erminio Dioli.
The central altar piece (dated 1931) depicts Sant’Emilia with a halo around her head and a palm in her hand (a sign of victory) amidst clouds and cherubs.
A chalice surmounted by the host bearing the monogram I.H.S.(Jesus Hominum Salvator) is carved on the tiny door of the tabernacle.
The barrel vault and walls are decorated with little angels and garlands.
The small window above the entrance portrays Maria with hands clasped and the inscription AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA.

Church of Sant'Emilia in Sasso