Church of St. Giuseppe

The ancient little church of San Giuseppe in the hamlet of Braccia was built in the early eighteenth century, although the precise date is still unclear. This church was first mentioned in a deed of sale of 1720 and in a will the following year, in which Mrs Margherita Schena donated the sacred vestment to the church of St. Anna in Chiareggio, to be passed on to the church of San Giuseppe in Braccia, should the church of Chiareggio already possess one.
In 1873, the old church collapsed into the River Mallero due to the corrosion of the promontory on which it stood.
Many years passed before it was rebuilt. In 1915, a committee was set up to construct the church according to a design by the engineer, Enrico Vitali of Sondrio. However, things dragged out as a result of the war, economic difficulties, and political problems, before they could put hands to the contruction of the building, which was consecrated on 11 July 1926.

The church houses a niche with the statue of San Giuseppe, beneath which a painting depicting the Madonna has been placed.
The altar, made in 1968, is the work of Martino Sandrini, an engraver from Ponte di Legno. The two wooden statues standing on it portray the blessed Innocent XI (Pope Odescalchi) and St. Luigi Guanella.
In 2007, the floor of the parvis was completed.
Next to the church stands the house built for a priest.
The festival of San Giuseppe of Braccia is celebrated on the second Sunday in July with liturgical services and the traditional "auction" in favour of the parish.

Church of San Giuseppe