Church of the Madonna della Speranza


Standing on a large rock just before the parish church of St. Gottardo, the tiny church of the Madonna della Speranza is one of the most characteristic monuments in the Valmalenco. According to tradition, it is older than the parish church and was built as a votive offering to protect from falling rocks from the overhanging cliff.

It houses a canvas from the end of the eighteenth century depicting the Madonna with Child and a young girl with flowers wound through her hair.

Lower down in the valley, where the rock has an indentation, stands a tiny chapel to the Madonna, built on a project by the engineer, Enrico Vitali.

According to the tradition of Valmalenco, the church of the Madonna della Speranza is also ironically called "Little church of toothache". In fact, they say that if you walk round this church, your toothach will disappear. What it really means is that, as it is impossible to walk round the high rock on which the church is built without falling, every ill will disappear for good!



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