St. Abbondio all'Alpe Lago

The precise date of the construction of the church on Alpe Lago, situated on the path leading to the pastures of the area is as yet unknown. It is, however, very old because the local people say that, during the dominion by the Grigioni family, the Protestants had built their place of prayer (today destroyed) opposite that of the Catholics beyond the marshy plain.
The tiny church was dedicated to Sant’Abbondio, the main patron saint of the Diocese of Como.
It is a very plain building, decorated inside with works by the painter, Luigi Assali (1973).
During the festival of the patron saint (31 August), they also used to hold "the auction" for the Parish, on the return of the men and their animals from their high pastures at the end of the summer.

Church of Sant Abbondio