Discovering the stones

"Discovering the stones on the ancient road of the Muretto pass (Valmalenco). Between the Valtellina and Grigioni" is the project of the Municipality of Chiesa in collaboration with the Ecomuseum of the Valmalenco. It was set up as part of the regional competition “Cultures, identities and autonomies” and aimed to document the intangible cultural heritage in Lombardy, especially the trans-border area between Italy and Switzerland.

This initiative intended to voice and document a part of the vast, intangible heritage concerning the culture and tradition of excavating and working stone in the Valmalenco. It included the closely related commercial business of exporting the products to nearby Switzerland via a main road (the “Cavallera” road of the Muretto pass) which, from Roman times, easily linked the Valmalenco with the neighbouring Swiss valleys.

This project includes 4 short, audiovisual clips, taken from the film “Extracted from stone. The men and the stones of the Valmalenco from the past to the future” produced by the Ecomuseum in 2014, under the direction of Simone Bracchi. Each of the clips, with English subtitles, is dedicated to a different variety of stone or use of the stone: serpentine, soapstone, talc, precious stones.

The clips of "Discovering the stones" were presented on 11-27 September 2015 at the multi-functional showroom at Expo 2015, during the event "Valtellina Exhibits", which promoted the area of the province of the Chamber of Commerce of Sondrio, Via Dante, 14 in Milan.

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