The Pedü - ribbed velvet footwear

Do you remember the Pedü?

They were the velvet shoes with a sole made of layers of material. You have probably seen them in some old photo with discoloured edges or, if you have been to the Valmalenco, worn on the feet of some elderly magnan. Today, it seems no-one makes them anymore, except for a small group of elderly women and energetic ladies in Lanzada. This crafted footwear risks becoming merely a memory for no reason whatsoever. We have decided to bring them back to life with a new design to show appreciation of our past.

Their production will bring together two generations capable of creating something old and at the same time something new. How are they made? The Pedü are completely handmade. The sole consists of different layers of material, placed one on top of the other and sewn together using a large needle. An additional external rubber sole can be added to prevent water and damp from entering. The upper consists of two layers of fabric, the outer layer is made of velvet and the inner layer of cotton or fustian. The result is a comfortable, hardwearing, eco-friendly, and totally cool shoe.