The little cheese of Spriana

"A simply delicious story. Maria and her little cheese of Spriana" is the title of the short film, directed by Gian Enrico Ghilotti and Andrea Basci, which documents the skill and the secrets behind the production of the tasty cheese traditionally made in Spriana, and in particular in the hamlet of Marveggia.

Protagonist of “A simply delicious story” is not just the little cheese of Marveggia, but above all the person who still knows how to produce this cheese using the traditional technique of years gone by. Maria Del Vincenzo, is the only person in this hamlet of only a hundred people, who still knows the secrets. No-one produces this product any more nowadays, and the knowledge risks being lost. So the Municipality of Spriana, in collaboration with the Ecomuseum of the Valmalenco, decided to preserve this tiny casket of knowledge and skills so it could not only be preserved, but also passed on to those after us.

The video