Extracted from stone

EXTRACTED FROM STONE. The men and stones of the Valmalenco, from the past to the future

"Extracted from stone" is the documentary made by the Ecomuseum of the Valmalenco, directed by Simone Bracchi, which tells the story of the centuries-old bond between the Valmalenco, its people and its stones.

Begun as part of the project "The young heirs of old trades", the film "Extracted from stone" is a sort of reportage, a photograph of the world of stone, not only from a historic, technical and scientific viewpoint, but seen above all through the eyes of the people who work daily with stone, of those who have made stone their profession. "Extracted from stone" is an experiment. It attempts to take a look for the very first time at the stone of the Valmalenco from all angles: from the stone that is extracted, processed, sculpted, engraved and studied to the stone that is climbed, "crossed" along the paths and high roads of the mountains of the Valmalenco.

Stone and its use is an integral part of the cultural and socio-economic heritage of the valley. Today as in the past, the stone in the Valmalenco continues to be an emergence and an opportunity for work in various fields: products of serpentine and dorato (roof tiles, marble finishes, flooring, interior and exterior design), those made of soapstone (pots, furnishings, works of art), talc and its numerous applications, and precious stones, all constitute something unique, which is appreciated and in demand throughout the world. Similarly, the rock of the Valmalenco in its natural setting, the peaks of which are amongst the highest in Italy (Mount Bernina, Mount Disgrazia), its footpaths and its unusual geological features (the Giants' Pots, the Geological Park) have been attracting mountaineers and holidaymakers for over a century. Every year, these visitors make a major, appreciable difference to the tourist economy.

The film "Extracted from the stone" will be available from October 2014.